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Beginning his career as a professional illustrator before moving on to 2D digital animation for high-profile clients (Saturday Night Live and Cartoon Network) Eric has continued to keep himself well versed in many facets of the creative world.

Not only can he draw, but Eric is also an accomplished graphic designer of advertising, corporate identity, print collateral, newsletters, social media, and digital/outdoor promotions. He has produced illustration, video, animation, and design projects for a variety of clients in the publishing, entertainment, real estate, financial, medical, and higher-ed industries. Eric has also worked on high-profile interactive web and mobile design projects from concept to execution.

With over 7 years experience in creative direction and management, and more than twice that amount of time put into mastering a diverse set of skills, Eric has the proven ability to lead a creative team to excel in a results-oriented, high volume environment.

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With extensive freelance and corporate experience, Eric Serviss is both a creative designer, and savvy manager with the skills needed to thrive in virtually any professional creative environment.




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