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Kaiju Kids Mobile Game Design


Client: Sheehan Digital

Deliverables: UX design, Character Designs, Monster Illustrations, Game Screen Mock Ups

The client requested pitch ideas for mobile game development. Ideally the app would appeal to a broad audience and suporrt in-app purchases so that it could become a profit source. The overall design needed to be bold, fun, and easy for children to use. Navigation and game controls needed to be intuitive.

In order to appeal to children between ages 7-12, my pitch, “Kaiju Kids” features a pair of monster hunting siblings, and dynamic Monster illustrations. To reach a wider casual gamer audience, Kaiju Kids also combines “runner” and puzzle games with new levels releasing monthly at no cost. Power-ups and additional game content can be purchased through the app.

I wanted the bright palette and "scary" monster art to feel explosive and edgy for the target audience. Excitement would be generated by finding the next monster and seeing the art after being teased by clues (such as the footprints on the mission selection screen).


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