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Client:San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Deliverables: Logo, T-shirt, Tickets, Poster, Wine Label, Box Design

The client needed to develop a logo and branded materials for a high-end wine tasting & BBQ event hosted by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. The event was designed to bring awareness to the general public of the expanding wine culture in Texas. By co-branding with Westin Hotels, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and the Alamo Winery, the client was able to increase exposure.

It was critical that the design retain traditional “Texas pride” while elevating the event. I felt that coupling the shape of the state with a refined version of the Texas star would appeal to both the BBQ audience and the high-end wine crowd. I kept a limited palette of earth tones to keep the various pieces unified. By adding burgundy I was able to give the designs a pop of color, contrast, and focus. The addition of the desert horizon was meant to emulate and romanticize the environment in which the event was to take place.


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