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Berkeley College

Deliverables: Printed Collateral

The client determined that the brand was in need of an all-encompassing overhaul. The printed materials and outdoor advertising in particular had gone through several changes through recent years and so the visual identity was not as cohesive as it should be. The client wanted to remind the public that Berkeley College was a brand synonymous with careers and that students would have better odds at a "successful" future with a degree.

I directed my team of designers and copywriters in brainstorming sessions that resulted in the production of several variations on the brand identity. My goal was to present 4 to 5 variations on the theme across a spectrum from traditional to cutting-edge. Each satisfied the need to unify the look and feel of the brand across all channels while delivering the core message: "Education + Career Preparation= Student Succes". The major difference was in the tone.

I presented the different options to the client. With the help of the Marketing department, Admissions, and senior leadership, we were able to select two versions to present to focus groups. The focus groups overwhelmingly selected the version presented here. Once approved, the team and I went to work applying the new look to all print and promotional materials.


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