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Deliverables:Logo Design for Website

The client needed a logo that could be used on a website selling refurbished toy robots. The site also promotes good maintenance practices by providing how-to videos to robot collectors. The logo needed to convey whimsy while also matching the retro style of the website.

Initial sketches were created to explore combinations of robot types and actions that articulate the idea of refurbishment. The selected sketch had these elements, but also touched upon the do-it-yourself mentality of many collectors. The selected sketch also conveyed a sense of sympathy that the client liked.

Once approved, the sketch was cleaned up and drawn in illustrator. Minor changes were made before coloring the robot and adding him to the site. Ultimately, the final design delivers on all of the requested items and also functions as a mascot for the client. He can easily be worked into designs for T-shirts, and other promotional items.

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