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Client: Personal Project

Deliverables: IP Development, Story,Character Designs, Cover Designs, Title Logo, Book Design, Page Art

Several years ago I had an idea for a self-published comic book. Recently I have partnered with a writer to take that idea and build it into a fully fleshed out intellectual property. The IP is designed to appeal to a 12-35 year-old audience of new comic book readers, and existing fans of genre fiction. The design and illustration work needs to convey a sense of humor and adventure inherent in the writing.

The process of developing this project is vast. Close collaboration and frequent communication with my co-creator have been critical to the success of the work.

Character sketches, logo designs, page layouts, finished art and all other peipheral elements must support the story. Iterations and revisions are common and are based on what best delivers an emotional punch. In this way, the project is identical to much of the marketing and advertising work I have been a part of.


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