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ACT 1 - Body Language
Act 1 focuses on verbal communication, and helps students read body language, identify primary and secondary audiences, and understand the importance of appropriate language.

ACT 2 - Phone Skills
Act 2 presents a cautionary tale about bad phone communication. It helps students understand the importance of tone and also of focusing on the person on the other end of the call.

ACT 3 - Face to Face
Act 3 shows students how NOT to behave during a college interview. Attitude, respect, and preparation are the key lessons of this particular video.

ACT 4 - The Written Word
Act 4 deals with the differences between texting and writing.

ACT 5 - Job Interview
Act 5 walks viewers through applying for a job.


Client: Berkeley College

Deliverables: Animated Shorts About Improving Communication Skills

"First Impressions" was conceived of as a series of informational animations designed to teach high school students understand the value of good communication skills. Berkeley College presented these animations to students through their High School Outreach program.

I was responsible for writing the scripts, and developing the tone of the project. I contracted with John Grimaldi Jr. at 8 Hats High animation and production to complete the character designs, background art, and final animation.


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